Fodder Camp to be Started in The Drought-Affected Area

Posted On Thursday January 24th, 2019
Maharashtra Govt. taken decision to start fodder camps in drought-hit areas - Chandrakant Patil

The State Government has taken significant decisions for drought relief and now the State Government is going to start Fodder Camp in the drought-affected areas. Also, the farmers from the drought-affected areas will be helped by the State Government and the funds to be distributed for this purpose are around Rs 2900 Crore. This decision is shared by State Revenue, Relief, and Rehabilitation Minister, Mr Chandrakant Patil.

Mr Patil shared this information at the press conference organized in the assembly. During this press conference, Upper Chief Secretary of Relief and Rehabilitation Department, Ms Medha Gadgil and Director of Disaster Recovery Department Mr Daulat Desai were present.

Mr Patil informed that the State Government is strongly supporting farmers during the drought condition. There was a meeting conducted for the drought relief and different remedies to fight against drought were discussed in the meeting. In this meeting, the rules and regulations related to starting the Fodder Camp were discussed. According to this discussion, Fodder Camps are going to be started at a regional level once the Collector receives the proposal. In general, one camp will include 300 to 500 cattle. Depending on the count of cattle, if required, one more Fodder Camp can be started in the same region and relative rights are given to the District Collector. The State Government is going to decide in this regard as early as possible. The State Government has also asked government-aided cow habitats or cow tending centres to open Fodder Camps, as an effect of which 5 Fodder Camps are already in work.

The State Government has sent the proposal with the requirement of Rs 7900 crore for drought relief purpose and help to farmers. The State Government is going to help farmers on their own until the funds are released by the Central Government. As per this decision, Rs 2900 Crore funds are been processed for distribution on commissioner level. And farmers will get the helping amount as early as possible in their accounts.

Mr Patil also added that to overcome the problem of water scarcity, many proposals are sanctioned such as tap water supply, pipeline repair, etc. Many other schemes are also being sanctioned for regular water supply. Apart from this, if the water supply is halted due to pending light bills, then the government is going to pay 5% of pending light bills from their funds. This will also start regular water supply if it is interrupted due to outstanding light bills.

It is also decided that the production of fodder needs to be increased. National Agricultural Development Scheme for cattle-feed has provided 10,000 quintal seeds for this purpose.