Shree Mahalaxmi Temple Development Plan Accepted

Posted On Wednesday January 31st, 2018
Shree Mahalaxmi Temple Development Plan Accepted

Under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, the apex committee has approved the development plan worth Rs. 80 crores for Mahalaxmi Devasthan temple area of Kolhapur. Honourable Chief Minister Mr. Fadanvis instructed to build a smart parking-lot by installing digital panels that provide updated parking information on all the three parking lots which are being constructed under the development plan.

Revenue Minister and Guardian Minister of Kolhapur Chandrakant Dada Patil, Minister of State for Home (Rural) Deepak Kesarkar, Minister of State for Urban Development Dr. Ranjit Patil, MP Dhananjay Mahadik, MLA Amal Mahadik, Rajesh Kshirsagar, former minister MLA Satej Patil, Mayor Swati Yevluje, Chief Secretary Sumit Malik, Head of Public Works Department Ashishkumar Singh, District Collector Avinash Subhedar, Municipal Commissioner Dr. Abhijit Chaudhary, President of Western Maharashtra Devasthan Committee Mahesh Jadhav, etc. were present on the occasion.

Chief Minister Mr. Fadnavis said that electric vehicles should be used on the footpath of the Bindu Chowk to the temple premises. It is also recommended to use solar energy in the devotee’s residence. Also, a special mechanism should be set up for plastic release in the temple premises, so that the area will be clean. Also, the mechanism should be constructed for the processing of the remains of the offerings to the Goddess.

The committee should be established under the chairmanship of Guardian Minister Mr. Chandrakant Dada Patil to control and monitor work in the development plan.

On this occasion, the commissioner of Municipal Corporation Mr. Chaudhary presented the development plan draft. The development plan outlay is worth Rs 80 crores. In this, the Pavilion for the devotee (8.73 crores) will be constructed with a capacity of around 12 thousand devotees in the temple premises, which will include toilets, drinking water and arrangements for footwear. Near Venus Corner, the devotee residence (Bhakt Niwas) is proposed to be set up with area 8500 Sq. meter and cost around 21.48 crores, which will have 138 rooms, 10 suites, 18 halls (dormitory). It also includes a capacity of 240 capacity surplus parking (11.03 crore), dining hall, community hall, shops, etc. The multi-story parking (4.89 crores), is proposed to set up at Bindu Chowk with the capacity of 4841 Sq. meter to park 170 four-wheelers and 315 bikes. The Multi-Storeyed parking will also be developed near Saraswati Theater (7.01 crores) at 2200 Sq. meter area with 140 four-wheelers and 145 bike capacity. Apart from this, the pedestrian route (2.65 crore) from the Bindu Chowk to Bhavani Mandap, signboards and direction boards for Public Transit (0.06 crore) in the city, public facilities (1.87 crore) such as toilets, drinking water, etc., beautification of the area around the temple (0.94 crore), Disaster Management Facility (1.60 crores), public transport system (1.31 crores), service channel migration (2.91 crores), health facilities (52 lakhs), etc. included in the development plan.