Savali Care Centre Will Provide Accommodation Facility to The Patients

Posted On Tuesday July 10th, 2018
Savali Care Center Opening Ceremony

India is a hub of medical tourism and Mumbai is the main hub for it. Lots of patients come to this city in search of good doctors and effective Medical care. Mr Chandrakant Patil, the honourable Revenue Minister in the BJP led Devendra Fadnavis government through his vision has created the Savali Care Center which was inaugurated in Mumbai. This organisation will provide accommodation to patients who come to Mumbai for treatment.

The first centre will provide treatment to 20 patients at a time and will provide accommodation to 60 people who accompany the patients. This facility will have 24×7 specialised Doctors. The complete facility is airconditioned and patients can avail this treatment for a nominal fee.

For any information please feel free to contact Vikas Deshmukh on +91 9769568283