Being Public Representatives, Ministers will Review the Drought Situation

Posted On Thursday May 2nd, 2019
Minister will Review the Drought Situation in Respective Districts

In Maharashtra state, drought remedies and systems are implemented effectively, and the Maharashtra state government is completely prepared to face the drought situation. Also, the ministers will review the condition in their districts. The information is provided by Revenue, Agriculture, Help and Rehabilitation, and Public Works Department Minister, Hon. Mr Chandrakant Dada Patil. Minister Mr Patil added that the Honourable Chief Minister has requested the Election Commission for the relaxation in the model code of conduct to face the drought condition in the state. Also, Guardian Ministers can review their District condition in this drought situation. Being the part of Rehabilitation Department, he will plan state-level visits to finalise and revise drought-related remedies and plans in the state.

Minister Mr Patil said that, for livestock, wherever required, the proper principles are being followed to open the fodder camp. Accordingly, 1264 fodder camps have already started in the state and 8,32,029 cattle are being provided shelter over there. Within these fodder camps, daily 90 Rupees and 45 Rupees allowance are being sanctioned depending on the cattle size. Also, 3699 villages and 8417 Vadis (Colony) in the state are availed water supply through 4774 tankers. 2,74,000 labour has been assigned work under the government scheme – ‘Magel Tyala Kam’ and 34,431 work projects have been completed within the state. Apart from this, approximately 10 Lakh labour can get work through Government initiatives. Minister Mr Patil further added that drought situation is most severe in Marathwada, to overcome that, all the 8 remedial systems of the Government are being implemented effectively. Hon. Mr Patil also informed that instructions are given to authorities for the desired availability of drinking water for people and livestock.