Development of The Agricultural Complex in Kolhapur

Posted On Wednesday October 17th, 2018
Development of The Agricultural Complex in Kolhapur

The decision for the development of Agricultural Complex in the Kolhapur is sanctioned today. This decision will help to organize all agricultural activities and offices under one roof. The meeting was conducted at Agriculture Minister Mr Chandrakant Dada Patil’s official cabin. Other attendees of the meeting were Mr. Sachin Dawle from the Agriculture Department, Mr. Ajit Sagane, the Secretary, Construction Department, Deputy Collector of Kolhapur district Mr. Sanjay Shinde, Regional Deputy Director Mr. Dashrath Kamble, Agriculture Officer Jandev Wakhure, an engineer from Public Works Department Mr. Sonawane, Chief Secretary Of Rahuri Agriculture University Dr. D.D. Pawar and Dr. Gajanan Khot from Kolhapur Agriculture College. It will simplify the earlier scattered process of the Agriculture Department in the district and bring it under one roof.

The Agriculture Department proposed the plan of the Agricultural Complex in front of the Honorable Minister to simplify the scattered process of different schemes and to increase the efficiency and controlling of different schemes. As per that proposal Honorable Agricultural Minister, Mr Chandrakant Dada Patil approved the development proposal of the Agricultural Complex in today’s meeting. Regarding this, the order will be issued in 15 days and respective authorities from the Agriculture Department are instructed about the same. Also, Public Works Department authorities are instructed to prepare an action plan for the development of the Agricultural Complex.

Currently, there are nine different offices in Kolhapur city in the Agriculture Department, out of which 6 offices are operating in private buildings on a rental basis. Apart from this, the Agriculture Department has also finalized to start the Insecticide Analysis Laboratory in the Kolhapur city. Due to this, the total count of Agricultural Offices will become 10. Therefore, the Agriculture Department has planned to organize all these offices under one roof in the Agricultural Complex. Since this decision is approved at today’s meeting, all these offices will work under one roof now.

The proposed Agricultural Complex will contain different bodies under one roof such as Regional Agricultural Department, Project Director, Regional Agricultural Authority, Tehsil Agricultural Authority, Mandal Agriculture Authority, District Soil Assessment and Testing Laboratories, Chemical Fertilizers Analysis Laboratory, Insecticide Analysis Laboratory, and Storage. Along with this, the training hall for farmers, boarding for farmers, library, direct agriculture goods sale processing facilities will also be given in the Agriculture Complex.