Celebration of Democracy – Debates and Disputes

Posted On Friday May 24th, 2019
Celebration of Democracy

India is identified with the biggest democracy in the world. Our country celebrated the biggest festival of democracy recently through the election. This election procedure was in progress for almost 2.5 months. In this election also, talented voters have chosen my BJP with a great lead. Due to these results, our beloved Prime Minister Honourable Mr Narendra Modi Ji is reappointed as the Prime Minister of the country. Being a part of the BJP, and being the follower and activist of BJP, I am very happy because of this grand victory. But I am happier and more fortunate that, in this election season I could accomplish the responsibilities allocated to me by the party. We could grab the opportunity for the next 5 years and I could contribute to it, is the happiest feeling for me.

For these Lok Sabha Elections, my party BJP planned systematic election campaign and agenda for accomplishing the success. Maharashtra state has the contribution of 48 seats in the Lok Sabha election and it is considered very important in the election. Therefore, we planned our systematic strategies for Maharashtra. Efficient leader of Maharashtra state, the Chief Minister Honourable Mr Devendra Fadanvis led this election campaign successfully. Our friendly party’s leader, Honourable Mr Uddhav Ji Thackrey, and all activists and leaders of our ally parties in the alliance have worked hard, genuinely and enthusiastically to assure this victory. They all are credible for this grand victory. I am thankful to all the alliance party activists and the voters who genuinely voted for us. You have trusted us and now I promise you that we will always try to keep up to the faith and trust showered on us.

Let it be… As a part of the election campaign, every leader was assigned with the responsibility of certain constituencies. As per this strategy I was assigned with Kolhapur, Hatkanangale, Madha, Baramati and Sangli, a total of 5 constituencies. It was not an easy challenge; in fact, the challenge can never be easy… as per our plans, we started working in these constituencies. All these 5 constituencies belong to Western Maharashtra. This area of Maharashtra is recognised for the success of traditional candidates of Congress and Nationalist Congress Party. Mr Dhanajay Mahadik, NCP, Kolhapur candidate, Hatkanangale candidate, Mr Raju Shetty (who was elected in the previous election on the basis of NDA and now is working with Congress), Baramati current Member of Parliament Mrs Supriya Sule were the biggest challenges for me. We were confident about the success of Mr Sanjay Kaka Patil at Sangli, but cautious too. The successful candidate from Madha, Mr VijaySingh Mohite Patil entered into BJP on 21st March and this triggered more competition and attacking behaviour in our competitor’s parties. NCP made this constituency more prestigious. Mr Sharad Pawar ignored his political retirement decision and announced that he will stand in the election at Madha constituency. Actually, he did not participate in the election; that is different. But our Ranjit Singh Nimbalkar was challenged by the NCP candidate Sanjay Mama Shinde. Today election results are clear. At Kolhapur, Mr Sanjay Mandlik BJP-Sena Alliance candidate won with 2,70,568 votes, in Hatkanangale Shiv Sena candidate, Mr Dhairysheel Mane secured constituency with 96039 votes, in Sangli Mr Sanjay Patil, got the victory with 1,61,269 votes, and in a tough fight, BJP’s Mr Ranjit Singh Nimabalkar won with 84750 votes. It is very satisfactory and relieving that my efforts are not futile. We alliance members have worked hard for this victory in hot summer and worst climatic conditions. In Baramati constituency, we could not get the success as the Pawar family had put their entire efforts and strength. If we would have been able to secure Baramati then I would have been 100% successful in fulfilling my responsibilities and would have celebrated the event as well.

I completely accept and respect the mandate. Also, it is an implicit part of the democracy to accept the mandate with humility. I wish all our successful candidates a very bright future ahead. I would like to congratulate all successful candidates in the election, despite their state, political party or any other distinguishing factors, because I strongly believe that each and every elected candidate is going to be a part of Indian assembly and will work for the development and progress of my country.

Therefore, today I would like to clarify a few things. It might be possible that I would have been involved in the conversation, communication, and disputes during the election process days. I might have used harsh words in rarity… but that topic is closed now. It is possible that debates could start if we carry the thought process of a particular political party and opposition party leaders respect different thought process. Harsh conversations are also obvious during the election process. But the election topic is over now. There should not be any bitterness in the relations. I believe that this type of bitterness should not convert into a rivalry. If any opposition party candidate invites me, it will be my pleasure to attend the invitation to his office or house. I would also like to invite all the opposition party candidates at my home. Our heart and home are always open for you all.

In life, many times we face the situation of debates, but debates should not result in disputes. That’s all…