Principle Acceptance to Regularization of the Panshet Flood Victim’s Encroachment

Posted On Friday June 15th, 2018
Principle Acceptance to Regularization of the Panshet Flood Victim’s Encroachment

Today, Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Chandrakant Patil in principle agreed to grant regular possession of a house owned by Panshet flood victims in Pune. He also decided to give additional time to submit the penalty amount required for the regularization of the encroachment of the Panshet flood victims and accordingly regular possession will be given to the property holders. With this important decision, 3988 flood victims will get big relief and one of the pending questions from many years will be sorted out.

At the request of the MLA Medha Kulkarni regarding the encroachment of flood-affected victims of Panshet Pune, other illegal occupations done by temporary shelter holders in Panshet disaster and other encroachment cases, Mr. Patil conducted this meeting and this decision was finalized.

The Panshet flood victims were given 3988 temporary shelters, but the legal procedure was not completed to own these shelters by flood victims. To complete the regularization of this property, verification of evidence from the flood victims and the records of the revenue system will be checked. After that, the government can give ownership rights to the owner of the temporary shelter holder. In this process, flood victims need to deposit a definite amount of penalty payment before 31st December 2018.

It was also approved in the meeting that other encroachment by the Panshet flood victims, encroachment on the land and shelters by the Panshet flood victims, and encroachment by an external person needs to be regularized by paying the penalty amount. This resulted in relief for 3988 flood victims. It was also decided to give land ownership rights to flood-affected organizations. This will benefit 103 societies of flood victims.

Mr. Patil said that with this decision, the pending demands of Panshet flood victims will be fulfilled. The problem was pending for the last several years. According to the policy set by the government; the encroachment will be regularized by paying the penalty amount. This will give relief to the families of flood-affected people.

For this meeting, the Maharashtra State Rehabilitation Authority and Vice President of State Rehabilitation and Resettlement Monitoring Committee Madhav Bhandari, Pune MLA Medha Kulkarni, Additional Chief Secretary Medha Gadgil, Panshet Rehabilitation Project Committee Chairman Mangesh Kharate were present.