“Ram”, “King Ram” and “Ram Ram”

Our enriched Marathi Language has numerous meanings of the single word—Ram… You can see, Ram is just a name, it is the pathway to guide us in our life, it is one of the principles. King Ram from Ayodhya city is also one of the identities of Ram. ‘Ram-Rajya’ is the concept used in the Marathi language to represent the governance implemented in for the betterment of people. In the English language, Ram word has a different meaning in Computer Science context. Single-word Ram and its different meanings!! Today, I am talking about ‘Ram’, for two reasons—Ramnavami and election process for Lok Sabha. Otherwise, you might think that I am talking about Ram Temple Ayodhya, but it’s not like that…

Let me explain you everything in detail. During this season it was obvious that political leaders are engaged in election campaigns and planned many meeting and visits countrywide. I am also not an exception. I work for the BJP and I was busy in the election campaign at Baramati. On the occasion of Ramnavami, this year, I could become a witness of a fabulous event during the campaign. So, the story is about that event.

Our country is recognised for –‘Unity in Diversity’. Moreover, our country is blessed and enriched with different arts, festivals, and customs. Our Maharashtra state is also equally important for historical heritage and culture. Marathi people love festivals and celebrate different events, and festivals. When it comes to a rural area, the festival and event celebration becomes just fantastic. In an urban area, people opt for modern ways to save time during celebration and festivals. In villages, festivals are enjoyed and accompanied by other events such as fairs and street festivals. These fairs and festivals are loaded with entertainment, spiritual knowledge, and enlightenment. Fairs have become the major attractions during the festivals and also have an association with the economy.

Due to my election campaign work, I received the opportunity to attend and enjoy such festivals and fairs at different locations. It also refreshed my memories of childhood fairs and festivals attended along with parents. During Ramnavami this year, I could get the opportunity to visit Bhor city. This place is well known and belongs to Pune district and I could become a witness for Bhor Ramnavami festival.

Bhor is a Taluka place. It has also royal and historical significance. King Chhatrapati Rajaram Maharaj handed over the authority of this place to Shankarji Narayan in 1697. Shri. Shankarji Narayan, Pantsachiv of Bhor, handled Bhor Sansthan’s responsibility very well. Bhor was the capital city and also equipped with a royal palace in the city. It is not just a past, but you can experience the glorious history of the Maratha kingdom today also, it is just 51 Kms far from Pune. This monument is constructed with traditional Indian and Europian architectural style. Old people recall the glorious memories of the festival at Royal Palace. According to them, there was a fountain in front of the palace and during Ramnavami festival well-decorated elephant used to participate in the festival.

There is an ancient Ram temple in the palace. Unfortunately, the original palace got destroyed in the fire during Ramnavami festival; in 1869 a new palace is constructed. According to sources, it required 2 Lakhs Rupees for the construction. On the occasion of Ramnavami, Ram Birth Event is celebrated enthusiastically in the palace. Head of Bhor Sansthan, Pantsachiv, and their ancestors have special honour in Ramnavmi festival. People from Bhor and those left Bhor, state, and the country also, unite together for this festival. Not only this, but they participate in the festival in traditional outfits and promote our culture and traditions. It was just an amazing experience. It also recalled me, on the occasion of Ganesh and Holi festival Konkani people working outside (Chakarmani) visit Konkan villages regularly.

Ram Birth Event is celebrated in the central area of the palace. First-floor gallery is also observed overcrowded on this event. Many people participated in the event with traditional outfits. The Ram birth event was celebrated at exactly 12 PM and the event was accompanied by traditional Marathi musical instruments. All that environment was loaded with enthusiasm and devotion. Amazing is the only word to describe it… It is better to take that experience at least once in life.

On the same day, Janu Bai Goddess festival and fair are observed in the Bhor city. Fair and festival are also fun loaded with wrestling competition. Is’s it our duty to introduce our events, customs, festivals to our next generation? Plan your next Ramnavami at Bhor…

After this event, we left for the Bandevadi village festival and fair from Bhor Taluka. In our culture, Ram-Ram words are used to welcome someone who meets unexpectedly. Even strangers and villagers welcome each other with Ram-Ram words. I must mention this, during Bandewadi festival Baramati Lok Sabha candidate Supriya Tai and our team also met surprisingly and welcome each other by ‘Ram-Ram’ words. In short, our lives are getting more contexts and meaning with the Ram Ram chanting.

Ram Ram!

Rahibai, Will Work More Enthusiastically Now…

The science tells us that the earth revolves around itself when it rotates around the sun. But there is something similar in human life also. We also come back in the same direction as we started, when we try to revolve around ourselves. You can consider the example of farming, mainly, in this regard. From conventional farming, we turned to modern farming, hybrid seeds, more yielding varieties and now again turned to organic farming. This is not an attempt to talk or decide about good-bad things about modern farming, but after revolving around, we are again back to our original position, which we can’t deny.

That is why in today’s age too, both Rahibai Popere and her work are majorly important. Both her foresight and her efforts for preserving conventional seeds will be unique. Rahibai is a resident of Popeparwadi, Taluka Akole, District Ahmadnagar. According to the standards of the well-educated or highly educated world, Rahibai is truly uneducated. But her work is very huge, like a hill. Even though she is not well-educated, thoughts of Rahibai and her efforts to implement the thoughts are the guide and roadmap for the educated world too.

A well-honoured and awarded Rahibai, a lady of such stature, does not need any introduction. But the question is how did the idea of saving traditional seeds or making such a seed bank come to her mind? Today the effects of hybrid or similar seeds are coming out in front of the world. Using these seeds is mainly beneficial for a better crop yielding and it is also financially beneficial… But on a long-term basis is disadvantageous. Even before these disadvantages came in front of us, Rahibi had started working on the seed bank. Is it not enough to appreciate her foresight about this? Being one of the farmers, agriculture is my favourite topic too. That is why Rahibai’s efforts and push for the cultivation using traditional seeds is appreciable. There is the least possibility that farmers do not have information about the availability of seeds for further cultivation by the use of conventional seeds. With experience, they also would have understood that with hybrid seed this is not possible. But it must have taken some time to understand. During the same period, the work of preserving and promoting traditional seeds by Rahibai was in progress. That’s why this job is worthwhile.

Rahibai has received many awards for her work, but I can also honour her with one award, this fact also satisfies me. While receiving this award, she gave the idea about the problems in running a traditional seed bank. Many farmers in the Maharashtra and Rahibai were facing the same problem and it was continuous… Farmers who are working hard doesn’t have their own shelter to stay. To resolve this distressing situation, our government is trying and taking appropriate steps and will continue to do so. There has been much good, and positive changes occurring due to the vision of Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. We have taken steps like Chief Minister Solar Farming Scheme and HVDS in agriculture. I am sure that even more steps will be picked up and I promise you for the same here … But this is not the time and occasion to discuss it.

However, the award was given to Rahibai, but there was a discomfort in the mind due to the misery she was facing. I was constantly thinking about what I can do in this situation… And finally, I took one decision… to give Rahibai her own house…

A house where foreign delegates or Indian delegates can visit her easily to know more about Rahibai’s work and a house where there is a perfect system for saving seeds. The house, so designed is planned in such a way that her basic needs will get fulfilled and had started making efforts in that direction.

Today, I am happy to announce that through the Kartavya Foundation, Rahibai has got her own house where all her needs can be fulfilled. I am also satisfied that I could contribute to this noble cause with my little share. Now, Rahibaibi can continue to work more and more. If hundreds-thousands of people are getting the benefit of her work today, in the future millions of people should be able to get the benefit through Rahibai’s work. Not only Maharashtra but also the whole country should be prosperous, healthy and “sujalam-sufalam” in the future. What else a farmer like me could have demanded from God?