25 Crore Funding For Jalgaon Development to Be Revised

Posted On Friday September 22nd, 2017
25 Crore Funding For Jalgaon Development to Be Revised

On 18th September 2017, Revenue Minister, Chandrakant Patil conducted a meeting with the members of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. The meeting was held to review and discuss the funds given to Jalgaon Municipal Corporation for the development of the district.

It witnessed the presence of Shri Eknathrao Khadse, Smita Wagh, Suresh Damu Bole, Umesh Patil, Haribhau Jawale, Lalit Kolhe, Nitin Laddha (former Mayor of Jalgaon Municipal Corporation), and Kishor Raje Nimbalkar (Jalgaon District Collector).

The funds provided by CM Devendra Fadnavis will be listed out and thoroughly reviewed on how it will be used for the development purpose. Chandrakant Patil also insinuated that if required, another revision is in order.


The Following points were discussed at the meeting for the Proposal to develop Jalgaon District:-

  • Beautification of Mehrun Lake (Jalgaon) and road construction. Create employment opportunities in the Revenue Department.
  • New administrative building would be constructed at Jamnar, Yaval, Chopda, Bhusawal, and Jalgaon.
  • Insufficient funding that had earlier stopped the construction of the Flyover Bridge at Shivaji Nagar and Pimpla, to be continued and headed by the Jalgaon railway Department.
  • Five Crores Special Funds has been allotted to the Municipal Corporation for the Water Conservation scheme to improve water supply and drainage system in the district. However, the deadline to end water cuts in the area has been extended.