कार्यावर दृष्टिक्षेप

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seven.01 Design of Degree and you can Knowledge Programs Psychologists responsible for knowledge and you may education applications get reasonable actions so as that the latest software are made to deliver the compatible degree and you can right enjoy, and to meet the requirements having licensure, degree, or other wants in which says were created from the system. (Get a hold of together with Simple 5.03, Descriptions off Workshops meet Rancho Cucamonga, CA ladies and you will Low-Degree-Giving Instructional Software .)

seven.02 Descriptions regarding Degree and you will Studies Applications Psychologists responsible for training and you can training apps simply take realistic measures in order for you will find a recent and you can precise description of one’s system posts (as well as participation inside expected course- or system-associated guidance, psychotherapy, experiential groups, asking plans, otherwise society service), degree goals and objectives, stipends and you can masters, and requires that must definitely be satisfied to own satisfactory conclusion of program.

Which simple does not prevent an instructor of switching direction content otherwise standards if instructor considers it pedagogically called for otherwise popular, as long as youngsters are built familiar with these types of variations in the a way which enables these to see course standards

7.03 Precision into the Practise (a) Psychologists bring realistic actions in order for path syllabi was real regarding your subject matter become safeguarded, bases to possess contrasting progress, therefore the characteristics however experience. (Discover including Important 5.01, Protection out-of Untrue otherwise Inaccurate Statements .)

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